Matte Department is a Division of the Solid Ground /Magnamana Movie Network

Welcome to the Gallery of Matte Department. Matte Department is a showcase for the latest digital matte work contributed by the companies Solid Ground Entertainment GmbH and Magnamana Postproduction GmbH.

We do offer a wide selection of digital matte work including Set extension, 3D Matte and Miniature/Matte combination. Because of our close connection to our partner companies we are able to work very fast and effective. Usually the postproduction staff at Magnamana delivers 3D models and live action plates for final matte combination. The scenes then will be finished by Magnamana┬┤s digital compositing department.

With many different requirements from diverse customers, our expertise and knowledge has grown over the years, and we supervised countless projects from commercials to motion picture. We hope you enjoy our work.